hello! i was wondering, will the baphomet blend be available any time soon?

It will likely be a long time before it returns, if ever it returns - I have not managed to track down a reasobaly priced supply of the black tea used for its base.


Once again open!

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Will the shop be opening again soon?

It should be open before the end of this month.

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Rasputin Blend

Two sample packs and one 30g pack left! Once those are gone, this blend will not be returning until mid-August!


Got my tea from Grey Brews! My favorites are Penny Lane and Lilias, but Whitman is great, too (pictured here). I highly recommend them! 

Bonus pictures of Momo, who decided she wanted to have her picture taken, too.

I had cup of the Cerberus Blend today. It smelled like a campfire. Definitely one of my favorites now. :)

We’re so glad you enjoy it!